These paintings are presentations of colorful earth forms. Their uniqueness comes from a good deal of experience. My father grew up on the desert, I love it, and took our family there on many camping trips (my beginnings in geology). As a professional geologist, I walked tens of thousands of miles in sparsely inhabited parts of the western United States, living mainly by camping out. These years of geologic studies in the desert,  led to an understanding and feeling for the landscapes; for their remarkable colors, their structures, and for the broad and deep space around them. The paintings are not copies of nature; they are personal constructs.

I have been very interested in formal art since high school, and drawing was a regular part of my geologic work. After taking some paintings classes at the San Francisco Art Institute in the 1960s, with my family grown, and retiring early, in 1981, I was finally able to paint full time. I have completed 90-odd paintings. the entire collection is stored locally and easily available.